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SARA Morocco Fundraising Products


Prints & 2023 Calendar


Our Connection to SARA

SARA is a small volunteer-run organisation taking care of over 1,000 dogs as well as cats, donkeys and other abandoned animals across three shelters in Agadir, Morocco.  They survive solely on donations and provide quite literally a lifeline to animals in the region.  

Without SARA, the two furry tornadoes which now call our house here in Scotland home, would never have survived.  When we found two bedraggled dogs on the streets of Agadir, it was SARA who stepped in and took care of them and prepared all the paperwork for them to travel to their new home in Scotland.  We’re eternally grateful for their help and by buying these products you’re helping out too!

You can also donate directly or find out about other ways to help to by visiting their website.

Ben & Meena
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